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Living with Intention - A Guided Monthly Journal
  • Living with Intention - A Guided Monthly Journal

    "Living with Intention - A Guided Journal Aligning your Monthly Actions with Islamic Principles" is a beautiful 12-month, simple yet powerful planner that offers a spiritual framework to set and connect your goals with The Five Pillars of Islam.  This journal's design will assist Muslim women with aligning actions to intentions, sustaining identified goals, and ultimately establishing a life that is pleasing to Allah (SWT).


    What you can expect from this revolutionary approach to planning for true success:


    • Break the cycle of broken New Year’s Resolutions and achieve a more holistic way of practicing this Deen
    • Prioritize the Five Pillars of Islam as you establish your intentions 
    • Create a meaningful monthly routine of gratitude as you remember the simple joys and things to be thankful for
    • Reflect monthly and quarterly on your accomplishments and goals
    • Familiarize yourself with the many beautiful duas from the Qur'an and use them while seeking to be close to Allah 
    • Find strength in positive affirmations that honor Allah's beautiful names 
    • Learn the significance of the lunar months and how the meanings apply to where you are in life
    • Be inspired by the Mothers of Islam as you learn about their personal journeys serving Allah


    Product Description - 

    Print Length: 70 pages

    Language: English

    Dimensions: 21 x 29.7cm

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