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The Inspired Ramadan - Journal for Muslimahs
  • The Inspired Ramadan - Journal for Muslimahs

    The 2024 edition of The Inspired Ramadan makes it easier than ever to have your most spiritually uplifting Ramadan. This thoughtfully designed 30-day journal will motivate and enrich your faith.


    Features include:

    • 30 days of inspirational Ramadan wisdom to reflect on each day
    • Beautiful ayats from the daily juz to contemplate
    • Faith-centered affirmations to strengthen your spirituality and connection to Allah
    • Motivational quotes and sayings from contemporary Muslim women
    • Tips for non-fasting believers to connect with Ramadan
    • Lined journal pages to record your thoughts and reflections

    Be inspired, encouraged and motivated this Ramadan by purchasing your journal. Let it help you experience the meaningful, transformational Ramadan you deserve.

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